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Step Out Of The Norm For Your Next Girls’ Night

Step Out Of The Norm For Your Next Girls’ Night | SimplyGreater.orgStep Out Of The Norm For Your Next Girls’ Night | SimplyGreater.orgWomen treasure time spent with girlfriends, to share, laugh and restore their spirits. But if your group has fallen into a boring routine, whether it’s the same ol’ happy hour or the safe game of Bunco, get out of the rut and have fun with old friends in new ways.

Here are some ideas:

Creative cooking: Socializing is better with food, and you can’t go wrong with a potluck. But don’t hesitate to change it up a bit. Perhaps bring yummy-looking dessert recipes from the stash you’ve collected, but have yet to try. Together as a group, make them and then rate them!

Or, choose a less familiar ethnic cuisine and assign each friend an authentic dish – appetizer, entree, side dishes or dessert. Set the mood with music from that culture while you dine on exotic fare.

Themed movie or book night: Gather the girls to watch a Jane Austen movie, and the men in your lives will love the fact they don’t have to be involved! Ask everyone to bring a favorite line from a Jane Austen novel and have others guess the novel of origin. Example: “I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.” (Pride and Prejudice) Not into Jane Austen? Substitute Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts or another favorite chick-flick star.

Game night: Play a fun board game that encourages sharing and laughter, such as Scattergories, Cranium, Telestrations, Pictionary or Taboo.

Learn a line dance: This can be especially helpful if a wedding is coming up and you don’t want to be left out when everyone else hits the dance floor. If no one in your group knows the steps, video instructions for popular line dances can be found on YouTube.

Spa night: Book a few hours in a spa, or, for a less expensive alternative, host a spa night in your home with manicures, pedicures and facials. Ask each friend to bring supplies, especially nail polish so there are color choices. Need to release even more tension? Share the cost of hiring a massage therapist to give 15-minute chair massages.

Learn together: Research the options in your community for various classes and sign up together to expand your knowledge or skills. Examples: wine or art appreciation, self-defense, cooking, pottery or golf.

Get active: Explore local opportunities for group activities, such as bowling, miniature golf, hiking or biking.

Go cultural: Dress up and go to the theater, symphony, a ballet, concert, museum or art gallery.

Swap night: Exchange items you no longer use for something fresh. Pick a category, such as clothing accessories, home decorating items, children’s toys and books, and ask each friend to bring items they no longer need or want, but are still stylish and in good shape. Everyone goes home with something “new” without spending a dime!

Craft night: Choose a simple craft, ask friends to bring appropriate supplies and make it together. Jewelry, tote bags and greeting cards are just a few ideas, but turn to Pinterest if it is an out-of-the-box creative project you seek.

Hobby night: Perhaps not everyone shares the same hobby, but you can still work side-by-side. Tell friends to bring their knitting, scrapbooking, quilting, painting or other projects and enjoy working together over good conversation.

Scenic getaway: Go somewhere nearby with a view (shoreline, overlook, top floor of a downtown parking garage). Take lawn chairs, food and drink, a favorite selection of music and enjoy the scenery and friendship.

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Step Out Of The Norm For Your Next Girls’ Night
Find some creative cooking ideas, have a themed movie night or go out for a spa night. Make sure your next girls' night is a success.
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